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If you’d like for more information about mobile IV therapy, please call us at 770-822-1313. For those of you who have not had the chance to see a mobile IV therapy device in action, below is a video clip from our hospital showing how the unit works. Mobile IV Therapy. This movie shows how the mobile IV therapy device works and exactly how it can be utilized to deliver intravenous therapy to clients inside their wheelchairs. The latest mobile IV therapy device is a great tool for patients whom need intravenous treatment.

If you want to learn more about the mobile IV treatment product, please contact us today. Into the medium-term, further advances are required become made in this industry, including: a wireless connection that transmits IV data utilizing RF communications to a main monitoring system, ensuring information protection- the incorporation of cordless drug containers that communicate straight with the mobile to dispense the dosage straight into the vein through the syringe- the incorporation of real-time remote monitoring, ensuring information is firmly saved and remotely accessed- plus the power to get a handle on products that need specific medical training (eg insulin pumps).

It should be noted that in the past few years more advanced mobile IV solutions are increasingly being implemented using the Bluetooth technology to communicate IV status between an administration unit and a mobile device. This technology, also known as mobile telemedicine, could be extremely useful since it enables an individual to communicate their medical status, and monitor their conditions whilst nevertheless in their house.

With current technological advancements that allow us to include the advantages of the online world into our daily life, the use of mobile technology and cordless communication opens up a complete new means of managing patients in the home, that might reduce the significance of hospital-based IV treatment completely. For that reason, I do not think a mobile device will probably be a good deal. A fast go through the prices for many devices should quickly dispel that notion.

Even a brandname name mobile IV is priced far below exactly what a regular IV stand is going for. As previously mentioned before, these units are made of high quality, but will need punishment (especially when they’re being lifted by the nurses). In summary, the data implies that mobile IV treatment is a safe solution to get medications, and that can provide the same treatment options as old-fashioned IV therapy, while using the mobile IV treatment alternatively.

Mobile IV treatment is usually regarded as being a safe and effective kind of medication delivery. Nevertheless, some negative effects are feasible. What are the benefits of mobile IV therapy? Mobile phone IV therapy is a fresh and innovative solution to deliver medications. It provides lots of benefits, including: Less painful – the fact that mobile IV therapy uses the exact same equipment therefore the exact same remedies as old-fashioned IV therapy means you may get therapy without the needles.

This eliminates the necessity to stick yourself with needles, and eliminates the possibility to getting a needle stuck or contaminated.

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